WDIY Joins Public Radio Music Month Celebration

Apr 10, 2013

WDIY announced today that it will participate in the second annual Public Radio Music Month, a month long initiative in April celebrating public radio stations’ invaluable role in America’s music culture.

Public Radio Music Month is a nationwide initiative that connects local public radio station, artists and audiences in communities across the United States. Stations and their partners are featuring exclusive interviews, performances, and more throughout the month.

“WDIY and other public radio stations are a critical part of the local music economy,” said Bill Dautremont-Smith, Executive Director of WDIY.  “We provide a unique and increasingly rare platform for local performers and new, emerging artists and serve as a staging ground for musical discovery. Public Radio Music Month is an opportunity for us to showcase some of the great work that stations like ours do every day in preserving America’s musical traditions and fostering and nurturing the development of music talent.”

Public radio has a substantial footprint in music. Consider these facts:

  • Across the country, more than 180 public radio stations have full-time music formats and another 400 or more play music as part of their programming lineups.
  • One in three public radio listening hours is to music.
  • Public radio stations air more than 5 million hours of music per year, the majority of which is local programming.
  • WDIY provides 123 hours a week of locally-produced music programming including classical, folk, jazz, blues, adult alternative and world music.

As part of Public Radio Music Month, WDIY will feature the following events and performances:

  • Diane Wittry, maestra of the Allentown Symphony Orchestra with Venezuelan-American pianist Vanessa Perez on WDIY Classics on Friday, April 9 at 10am with Waldemar Vinovskis.
  • An interview and performance by Jonathan Edwards, American singer-songwriter and musician best known for his 1972 hit single "Sunshine” on The Blend, Tuesday, April 9 at 3pm.
  • Tumbling Bones brings their mix of old-time country and old-fashioned blues to All Reet Street with host Geoff Chambers on Saturday, April 11 at noon.
  • Allan Birney from PA Sinfonia on WDIY Classics on Friday, April 19 at 10am.
  • Pianist and composer Eric Mintel on The Blend on Friday, April 19 at 3pm.
  • A capella group VIE on Assorted Women on Saturday, April 20 with host Mona Rodriguez.
  • The launch of WDIY’s new monthly feature “Community Bands of the Lehigh Valley,” this month featuring the Marine Band of Allentown. Hosted by George Fennell.
  • Additional interviews and in-studio performances throughout the entire month.