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Pennsylvania’s Senators Standing on Opposite Sides of Passing Veterans’ Health Bill

Supplying the Medical Mission
Staff Sgt. Julianne Showalter/U.S. Air Force
Air Force Senior Airman Frances Gavalis tosses unserviceable uniform items into a burn pit, March 10, 2008.

Pennsylvania's two senators are on opposite sides of a battle over a bill to help veterans. WHYY's Tom MacDonald explains while Bob Casey, a Democrat wants immediate passage, Republican Pat Toomey claims there is some hidden money that has to go.

(Original air-date: 8/1/22)

WHYY reporter Tom MacDonald is a lifelong Philadelphia-area resident who has worked in the region since the mid-1980s. Tom started in commercial radio covering the MOVE standoff with police for WFIL-AM. He was also City Hall Bureau Chief, covering government and politics for more than a decade, for WWDB-FM.