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Congressional Setback Leaves Citizenship Pathway for 400,000 Immigrants in PA, NJ, DE in Limbo

Nitish Meena

Democrats in Congress are pushing a plan that would give legal status to more than 300,000 immigrants in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. But a setback in the Senate is making that look less likely. WHYY Keystone Crossroads’ Laura Benshoff reports local stakeholders are not backing down.

(Original air-date: 9/27/21)

Laura Benshoff covers stories of statewide interest for Keystone Crossroads and WHYY, with a focus on immigration. She previously reported on the suburbs, public education, and mental health. Her work has aired nationally on NPR, Marketplace and Reveal/CIR. Prior to becoming a journalist, she worked for the City of Philadelphia’s Commerce Department. Laura attended McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She diligently works at speaking Spanish and knows a little French.