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Lehigh Valley Zoo Announces Birth of Endangered Oryx Calf | WDIY Local News

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Lehigh Valley Zoo

The Lehigh Valley Zoo is celebrating the birth of a calf from a nearly-extinct antelope species. WDIY’s Sarit Laschinsky has more.

The Lehigh Valley Zoo recently announced that a scimitar-horned oryx calf named “Eclipse” was born on Nov. 9 to mother “Too Haute.”

According to a release, both the calf and mother are doing well, and spent some time off-exhibit to bond before rejoining the rest of the zoo’s herd. Female oryx give birth a single calf weighing around 20-30 pounds, and the young becomes fully independent around 14 weeks old, according to the zoo.

The animals have distinctive large, backwards-curved horns that grow to be several feet long, and were native to sub-Saharan Africa.

However, according to the National Zoo, the scimitar-horned oryx has been declared extinct in the wild due to a variety of factors including overhunting, habitat loss and persistent drought, though some reintroduction efforts are ongoing.

The Lehigh Valley Zoo is a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and participates in the Species Survival Plan for the scimitar-horned oryx. The zoo says its oryx are part of a breeding program to help maintain genetically diverse and demographically stable captive populations.

In the same announcement, the zoo also said it recently welcomed two new alpacas, four-year-old “Illuminati” and six-year-old “Havoc.”

Contributed photo
Lehigh Valley Zoo
Illuminati (left) and Havoc (right)

Native to the central and southern Andes Mountains in South America, the two new alpacas will join the zoo’s existing 15-year-old alpaca “White Lightning” and several other domesticated animals in the barnyard.

(Original air-date: 12/2/22)

Sarit "Siri" Laschinsky is WDIY's News and Public Affairs Director.
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