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Northampton County Reminds Residents About Reducing Mosquito Breeding Habitats | WDIY Local News


Northampton County is reminding residents about the importance of keeping the mosquito population under control during the summer. WDIY’s Sarit Laschinsky has more.

The county’s Vector Control program says summer is the prime season for mosquito breeding, and that the insects can carry diseases like Zika or West Nile Virus.

The county said field technicians treated woodland ponds and past WNV-positive breeding habitats in early spring.

Labeled mosquito traps have also been placed throughout the county in areas near standing water. The county asks that if discovered, the traps be left undisturbed so that staff can continue to empty and send them for testing.

The traps are labelled: Do Not Disturb, Pa Dept. of Environmental Protection, Northampton County Vector Borne Disease Control Program, Mosquito Trap.

Homeowners are asked to drain any source of standing water on their properties, including turning over buckets and pools, and tossing unnecessary items and trash.

The Vector Control Program says toys, pots, cans, tire swings, and plugged gutters can make for excellent mosquito breeding habitats.

Residents who are concerned about large numbers of mosquitoes in their area can call 610-829-6424 or 610-391-9583 ext. 2995 for more information.

(Original air-date:7/21/22)

Sarit "Siri" Laschinsky was WDIY's News and Public Affairs Director until 2023.
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