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Cynthia Chen & Andy Yang | Teen Scientist

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High school students Andy Yang (left) and Cynthia Chen (right).

Host Rhea Malhotra returns for the final edition of our quarterly Lehigh Valley Discourse segment, Teen Scientist, talking with California high school seniors Cynthia Chen and Andy Yang about their novel computational biology research involving machine learning for both oncology and epigenetics.

Cynthia Chen is a senior from the Harker School in Cupertino, CA. She describes her work as interpreting motif patterns of protein sequence data by deep learning models to predict cancer types to guide future treatment.

Andy Yang is a senior from Harvard-Westlake in Los Angeles, CA who has worked at UCLA for thee years. His work focuses on utilizing DNA Methylation as a predictor of body and brain weight for mammalian species.

Both of these seniors express the potential for computational biology in advancing modern medicine and discuss their contributions to the field.

(Original air-date: 6/8/2020)

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