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Cindy Ross on LV Discourse

Cindy Ross with her new book, 'The World Is Our Classroom'.

Host Bathsheba Monk welcomes Cindy Ross to discuss her new and seventh book, 'The World Is Our Classroom: How one family used nature and travel to shape an extraordinary education'. 
Cindy Ross’ story begins in the Rocky Mountain wilderness leading her young children 3,100 miles on the backs of llamas. This Canada-Mexico trek inspired Cindy and her husband, Todd, to create a new way of supplementing their children’s education, focusing on two arenas for learning: the natural world and travel.

'The World Is Our Classroom' discusses traveling the world, moving about on foot and bicycle, living simply and intimately and sharing adventures that brought intangible gifts to their children and them—compassion, empathy, resilience, self-reliance, and gratitude, among others— values not always fostered in a traditional curriculum but crucially important to raising children. 

(Original air-date: 8/30/2018)