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Host Silagh White talks with community arts visionary Doug Roysdon and founder/director of Crowded Kitchen Players Ara Barlieb about upcoming activities at the Ice House in Bethlehem as well as the vision of the Lehigh Valley Creative Placemaking project. 

Hosts George Miller and Kate Scuffle welcome guests to discuss two new exhibitions at the Allentown Art Museum.


2nd Quarter Market Review on Your Financial Choices

Jul 18, 2019

Laurie Siebert, CPA, CFP®, AEP® will be joined by Timothy G. Roof, CFP® and Connor Darrell, CFA from Valley National Financial Advisors to discuss the 2nd Quater Market Review.

At the Movies: Echo in the Canyon

Jul 18, 2019

“Echo in the Canyon” explores the Laurel Canyon, Calif., folk-rock sound that emerged from the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and other groups. Jakob Dylan interviews musicians who were there.

For the debut episode of WDIY's newest weekly program, host Greg Capogna speaks with the two leaders of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce.

At the Movies: Pavarotti

Jul 11, 2019

“Pavarotti” looks at the life and career of the great opera singer Luciano Pavarotti. The film is directed by Ron Howard. Paul Willistein of the Lehigh Valley Press reviews the documentary. 

Director Ian Lettire on Take Charge of Your Life

Jul 11, 2019

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Ian Lettire, a New Jersey native who is the director of the new film Anywhere Is Here.

Primordia Farm Owner Matt Sicher on The Inside Dish

Jul 11, 2019

Michael Drabenstott returns for another edition of our monthly feature, The Inside Dish. His guest is Matt Sicher, owner of Primordia Farm, which cultivates mushrooms and forages for wild foods, at the base of Blue Mountain in Lenhartsville.

Michael Drabenstott returns for another edition of our monthly feature, The Inside Dish. His guest is Arthur Rand, owner of Baristi Coffee Roasters, an artisan roaster of Colombian coffee, on N. 13th Street in Allentown.

Don Cunningham on Lessons with Leaders

Jul 11, 2019

Our quarterly Lehigh Valley Discourse feature Lessons with Leaders hosted by Laurie Siebert returns.