Take Charge of Your Life

Dr. Judith Orloff on Take Charge of Your Life

Mar 24, 2014


Host Eleanor Bobrow welcomes Dr. Judith Orloff, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA and author of New York Times best-seller Emotional Freedom, to the program to discuss her latest work The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life.  Learn how surrendering can make us more powerful when done at the right time and in the right way. (Original air-date March 17,2014).


Bhava Ram on Take Charge of Your Life

Mar 11, 2014

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Brad Willis, aka Bhava Ram, a former NBC news war correspondent who reported from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America and beyond.  He is the recipient of the Alfred I. DuPont Award, considered the broadcasting equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize, for Inside Afghanistan during the Soviet Occupation. (Original air-date March 10, 2014).   

Helping Youth Reach Their Potential on Take Charge

Mar 1, 2014


Host Eleanor Bobrow speaks with Terrie Suica-Reed, CEO and founder of Phase 4 Learning Center.  Suica-Reed discusses her organization's work, helping young people between grades 6 through 12 achieve their potential by raising their confidence and motivating them to lead successful lives. (Original air-date February 24, 2014).

Adaptations Lehigh Valley on Take Charge

Feb 6, 2014

Host Eleanor Bobrow welcomes Marsha Timmerman, founder of Adaptations Lehigh Valley, to the program. Adaptations Lehigh Valley is an organization for people in their 20's and 30's with learning disabilities, or for those who need support. The group offers a wide variety of opportunities, from social activities to ways to improve interpersonal skills. (Original air-date February 3, 2014).

The Generational Impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Jan 23, 2014

Program host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Dr. Joel Nathan Rosen, Associate Professor of Sociology at Moravian College and Moravian College students, Elijah Irving, a senior psychology major, and Justin Charles, a senior political science major, and try to understand how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s efforts not only impacted his generation but many generations thereafter. (Original air-date January 20, 2014). 

Author Anil Gupta on Take Charge

Jan 2, 2014

Tonight on Take Charge of Your Life host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Anil Gupta, speaker, life coach and author of Immediate Happiness. The book guides readers to the possibilities of a New Year filled with good health and physical, mental and spiritual growth. (Original air date Dec. 30, 2013.)

Elders' Elves on Take Charge

Dec 18, 2013

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Negar Jahanbin, owner and managing director of Synergy HomeCare. The program provides Elders’ Elves who shop, wrap, cook, and even decorate for local seniors who can’t deck the halls like they used to.  (Original air date December 16, 2013.)

Staying Healthy in a Sit-Down Environment

Dec 11, 2013

Tonight on Take Charge of Your Life, host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Carmen Gerardi, Vice president of GUNA, Inc., a bio-pharmaceutical company based in Whitehall, and Rachel Jeffery, marketing representative at GUNA. Keeping fit in a sit-down environment can be difficult. Carmen and Rachel explain their innovative plan to motivate their staff to keep fit physically and thrive mentally to reach their working goal.  (Original air date December 9, 2013.)

Dr. Melissa Clarke on Take Charge

Dec 3, 2013

Host Eleanor Bobrow welcomes physician, educator and patient advocate Dr. Melissa Clarke to the program. She’s written a book call Excuse Me, Doctor, I've Got What, The Complete Guide to Taking Ownership of Your Health and Making Health-Care Reform Work for You. In addition to practical, how-to guidance on everything from choosing a doctor to navigating insurance, Excuse Me, Doctor equips the reader with a self-health action plan to be our best advocate in taking care of our most valuable resource-our health.

The Hillside School on Take Charge

Nov 20, 2013

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Rick Lavoie, author, educator and speaker on learning disabilities and Donna Henry, the head of The Hillside School, which offers opportunities for children with learning disabilities. Listeners will we learn ways to maximize the potential of children with learning disabilities through excellence in education. (Original air date November 18, 2013.)