SouthSide Film Festival

16th Annual SouthSide Film Festival on LV Arts Salon

May 23, 2019

Kenn Michael previews the SouthSide Film Festival’s 16th year, taking place at venues throughout Bethlehem’s SouthSide, June 11 – 15, 2019.

14th Annual SouthSide Film Festival on LV Arts Salon

Jun 8, 2017
Paul Willistein

The 14th annual SouthSide Film Festival (SSFF), June 13-17, in Bethlehem is the topic for this week's edition of Lehigh Valley Arts Salon.

Host Paul Willistein welcomes guests Jeff Vaclavik, SSFF Board President, and Glenn Koehler, SSFF Director.

(Original air-date: 5/29/17)

Host Silagh White and guest Glenn Koehler (President of the SouthSide Film Institute) discuss the 13th annual SouthSide Film Festival. This year's festival runs June 14-18.

SouthSide Film Festival Preview

Jun 10, 2014

Host Kenn Michael speaks with John Saraceno and Jeff Vaclavik about the 11th annual SouthSide Film Festival, an annual five-day event featuring international films, guest filmmakers, juried selections, locally produced films, seminars, and networking opportunities for filmmakers and fans of independent film. This year's festival takes place June 10 - 14.

Host Paul Willistein discusses the 11th annual Southside Film Festival (SSFF) running from June 10-14th in Bethlehem. Joining him in the studio is Jeff Vaclavik (SSFF board president), Glenn Koehler (SSFF director), and Ben Bertalan (SSFF film wrangler). (Original air-date 6/2/2014)

SouthSide Film Festival on Lehigh Valley Arts Salon

Jun 7, 2013

Host Paul Willistein covers all you need to know about the SouthSide Film Festival with his guests Glenn Koehler, the new SouthSide Film Festival director, Jeff Vaclavik, board president, and Benjamin Bertalan, board member.  The Festival runs June 11-15. (Original air date June 3, 2013.)

The SouthSide Film Festival will once again return to Bethlehem next week for its tenth year. Between the main festival's three locations and the Children's Film Series taking place at Godfrey Daniels, over 100 films will be screened over five days. Everything from animated shorts to documentaries to late-night horror comedies will be on display as the Lehigh Valley's only consecutively-running film festival continues to grow.