WDIY News' Marcie Lightwood speaks with U.S. Representative Susan Wild, PA-7, and Shirley Morganelli, Founder of Lehigh Valley ROAR, about the importance of grassroots political organizations and how their support can help local and national candidates succeed in the dawn of a newly-elected administration.

John Pearce sits down with attorney and historian Malcolm J. Gross to discuss the Gettysburg Address and President Abraham Lincoln. He also shares the impact of General Harry Clay Trexler on the Lehigh Valley.

Host Alan Jennings talks to the Democratic candidates for the PA House of Representatives in two districts that are up for grabs this year due to the retirement of the incumbents: Tara Zrinski in the 138th District Kevin Branco in the 131st District.

Election Controversy Erupts in Allentown Part 6

Sep 4, 2020
Sarit Laschinsky

Part six of WDIY News' continuing story on the primary election controversy for the PA State House's 22nd district features incumbent Rep. Peter Schweyer discussing the election results; the accusations leveled by his challenger, Enid Santiago; and his record serving his district with current and future initiatives for the residents of Allentown.

Rep. Susan Wild on LV Discourse

Oct 10, 2019
Shamus McGroggan

Host Alan Jennings talks with Representative Susan Wild, a Democrat who represents Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District which encompasses most of the Lehigh Valley.

Retired Federal Prosecutor Seth Weber on LV Discourse

Sep 13, 2019

Host Alan Jennings talks with Seth Weber, a federal prosecutor who headed the Allentown branch of the U.S. attorney's office until his retirement in 2011. They discuss gang violence in Allentown, former Allentown Mayor Ed Palowski's conviction, and more.

Alan Jennings continues his focus on Lehigh Valley politics with guest Phillips Armstrong, the Executive for Lehigh County.


The Morning Call

Alan Jennings continues his spotlight on local politics with Northampton County Executive Lamont McClure Jr.. McClure, a Democrat, unseated incumbent Republican John Brown in the 2017 county election.

Alan Jennings hosts a post-political retirement discussion with Charlie Dent, former Republican Representative of Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District which covered most of the Lehigh Valley.

Host Alan Jennings continues to discuss politics in the lead-up to the November 6 election.  WDIY extended invitations to the Democratic and Republican contenders for the seats in Pennsylvania's 137th and 138th districts.