Penn State Lehigh Valley

On this edition of Take Charge of Your Life, Eleanor Bobrow talks about a program that Penn State Lehigh Valley has initiated to support first-year, first-time students called the Lion-Hearted Initiative. To learn about the program, Eleanor speaks with guest Dr. Denise O'Neill, the Director of Enrollment Management at Penn State Lehigh Valley.

Trajectory Heart Project on LV Arts Salon

Aug 1, 2017

Thomas Mann, internationally known artist and native son of Alentown, and Ann Lalik, Penn State Gallery Director & Arts Coordinator, join hosts Kate Scuffle and George Miller to talk about Mann's magical "Trajectory Heart Project" that has been traveling throughout the Lehigh Valley and been at the heart of workshops, galley shows, and mentoring events in downtown Allentown thanks to Penn State and City Centre. 

(Original air-date: 7/24/2017) 

David Yanoshik of Penn State Lehigh Valley on LV Discourse

Jun 27, 2017

David Yanoshik, Director of Business Development at Penn State Lehigh Valley, talks with host Sally  Handlon regarding the recent initiatives where this campus and community have partnered and excelled.

Honoring Artist Hubert Davis on LV Arts Salon

Apr 25, 2017

Penn State Lehigh Valley has organized a timely community-wide collaboration/exhibition celebrating the work of Hubert Davis (1902-1981), an American lithographic artist who used much of his work to communicate the effects of the Depression, and whose lithographs were published by the New York branch of the W.P.A. - Works Progress Administration.  

Host John Pearce welcomes guest Dr. Margaret Christian, professor of English at Penn State-Lehigh Valley, who has studied many sermons from 16th century England.

She discusses these sermons from Elizabethan society after King Henry VIII created the Church of England. Believe it or not, there are parallels between those times and our own, as Dr. Christian explains. 

(Original air-date: 12/8/16). 

Michael Krasja, Professor of Business at Penn State Lehigh Valley, and Dean Gary Kaskowitz, Chair of the Department of Economics and Business at Moravian College, join host Galen Godbey to discuss new leadership models. 

(Original air-date: 10/20/2016)

Bill Adams, Express-Times

Host John Pearce speaks with Josh Berk, Executive Director of the Bethlehem Area Public Library about what's new at libraries in the 21st century and what we can expect in the future.  Then, Pearce will talk with Dr. Galen Godbey, Professor at Penn State - Lehigh Valley about big external forces that will have a great impact on education at all levels in the future.

(Original air-date: 07/09/15)

Greg Weaver: Urban American Folk Artist

Oct 28, 2014

Host Kenn Michael speaks with Ann Lalik, Gallery Director and Arts Coordinator at Penn State Lehigh Valley, about a current exhibition showcasing late Allentown artist Greg Weaver's work. "Greg Weaver: Urban American Folk Artist," on display at the Ronald K.