Muhlenberg College

Kyle Ropski photography by Marco Calderon

Sarit Laschinsky takes a closer look at Lehigh Valley College and University efforts to politically engage students, which could make a difference in upcoming and future elections. Featuring David Owolabi from Hawk the Vote, Lulu Kirtchuk of Lafayette Votes, and Kyle Ropski of BergVotes.

WDIY 25th Anniversary Special

Oct 16, 2020

Join host Greg Capogna as we present a look back at how the Lehigh Valley's first public radio station defied the odds and went from dream to reality, as told by some of the volunteers who made it possible.

Dr. Thaddeus Robinson on LV Discourse

Dec 3, 2019

John Pearce speaks with Dr. Thaddeus Robinson, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Muhlenberg College in Allentown.

Dr. Dustin Nash Discusses the Bible on LV Discourse

Dec 2, 2019
Shamus McGroggan | WDIY

The Bible: Is there more than one? Creation stories – are they myths? Some folks claim the universe is 6,000 years old. How did scribes of yore work? How tricky are translations? 

Shamus McGroggan

John Pearce's topic is, "Sports: college-level in the Lehigh Valley and at universities in general." He also delves into sport rules and women's roles.

Dr. Kamran Afshar is joined by Lehigh Valley business leaders to discuss the results of the latest quarterly economic survey of Valley businesses which indicates a coming slow down in the economy in the next year.

George Miller and Kate Scuffle look at Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre’s production of Bohemia, an all-ages circus experience running until July 27. Their guests are Bohemia creator and director Noah Dach as well as performer Michael Masse.

George Miller and Kate Scuffle welcome photographer Lydia Panas to discuss her new photography exhibit, 'Sleeping Beauty,' at Muhlenberg College's Martin Art Gallery in Allentown.

Dr. Daniel Wilson, a recently retired Professor of History at Muhlenberg College, joins host John Pearce for a fascinating discussion on studying history.

Alan Jennings continues to focus on the midterm elections, especially the campaign for the open congressional seat in Pennsylvania’s newly-created 7th District.