WDIY New Music Spotlight: Lucinda Williams - 'Good Souls Better Angels'

May 6, 2020

Lucinda Williams comes back with a vengeance on her latest album, Good Souls Better Angels. She ties her latest outing to her feelings which are angry and raw at current events and news of our world falling apart.

Her raspy drawl ranges from running on fumes to spitting with fire from one track to the next.  At 67, she sounds weary but also impassioned and filled with a soul searching to try to:

Keep me in the hands of saints
Keep me with the good souls
With the better angels

Since she took charge of her career the last few releases, Williams has controlled her output with what she truly wants (and she's started her own record company, Highway 20 Records). It has seen Williams with a sharper focus on expressing herself without giving more of a damn (if that's possible).

With her husband, manager, and songwriting partner Tom Overby and current band, Buick 6 who has worked with her the past decade, Williams chugs along on Good Souls Better Angels; gliding through the ballads with the right tone then ripping along the rockers with edgy nerve.

This is another stunning effort from one of our most important, endearingly honest 'heritage' artists (as the term for artists from the past that are still currently viable is coined nowadays) that we still have the awe to witness in their growth and be in their presence.

We'll start with the ripping opener, "You Can't Rule Me".