WDIY Broadcast Signal Issues

Aug 9, 2018

Update 8/10/18, 2:00 pm: Equipment came back from repair this morning and has been reinstalled, and we are back to normal broadcasting on our regular transmission equipment, as of about 1:30 pm today!   We have been broadcasting glitch-free since then, and will be monitoring over the weekend before declaring complete success. Thanks for your patience while we resolved double sets of equipment issues!

Update 8/9/18, 2:00 pm:  Plan B, our second back-up plan (see below) has now been implemented and we are operating over an internet connection between our studio and transmitter.  This has resolved the broadcast signal dropouts that were the major problem, at the expense of a very minor degradation in audio quality.  


WDIY apologizes for the particularly poor broadcast quality currently being provided. For the last two weeks we have been operating with backup equipment in our studio to transmitter link (STL) while our primary STL transmitter is out for repair at the manufacturer in CA. 

The microwave signal being received at our tower is marginal in intensity, and weather conditions particularly during the morning hours are causing the digital signal to sometimes dip below critical level, causing a temporary loss of audio signal.

We were informed yesterday afternoon that repairs have been completed and we will be having the transmitter express air freighted back to us today, and so expect to be able to get our broadcast quality back to normal this weekend.

However, with the quality having taken a major drop today, we also are endeavoring to implement a Plan B temporary back-up solution. We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this issue as quickly as we are able.

Please note that our web streaming signal is coming directly from our studio and is not affected by this problem.

Bill Dautremont-Smith
Interim Executive Director