The Special Focus for October, 2014.

Sep 26, 2014

On Galactic Travels, the Special Focus for Octoberber is Craig Padilla. After more than a decade of playing live shows in his native northern California, Craig Padilla has become an internationally celebrated electronic musician.   His style reflects EM artists of the past while finding new, unique sounds and styles.

Using vintage instruments that lend themselves to the sought after, full bodied sounds EM afficianados crave, Craig also uses custom designed, one of a kind synths that, in many cases, have been modified.   Blending modern software synthesizers (softsynths) into the mix, Craig creates new sonic worlds of ambience and subtlety.   This would mean nothing if it weren't for Craig's melodic sensibilities to make music that captures the essence of humanity and are works of grandeur and timelessness.

Craig Padilla is the Special Focus for October, 2014.
Credit Bill Fox / WDS Productions