Previewing Spring 2019 Events in the Finding H.D. Project on LV Arts Salon

Mar 7, 2019

Hosts Kate Scuffle and George Miller look at upcoming events in the Finding H.D. project, a year-long series of events celebrating Bethlehem-born feminist, modernist poet, memoirist and novelist, Hilda Doolittle.

Joining George and Kate are Seth Moglen, Professor of English at Lehigh University and Finidng H.D. collaborator/author; Dr. Craig Atwood, Professor at Moravian Theological Seminary; and Lehigh University students Blanche Wang and Elisa Sollog who read some of their favorite H.D. works.

A list of spring 2019 events in the Finding H.D. project are available at Lehigh Unviersity's website.

(Original air-date: 2/25/2019)