pARTicipate: Express Yourself | Festival Unbound

Oct 7, 2019

WDIY's Youth Media Program students look at pARTicipate: Express Yourself, an open, child-friendly invitation to make art during Festival Unbound.

Festival Unbound invites community members to join in expressing their hopes and dreams for the future through images, words, and collaborative art making. The event plans to follow the lead of the Bethlehem Area School District’s 4th graders – who spent last year imagining a better future for the whole community.  Based on their images, fiber artist Mallory Zondag has designed a fiber mural that participants get to help create.  Once complete, the mural will hang from Bethlehem's City Hall.

Inside the library, participants will be able to draw, paint, and help make community collaborative art. These include: painting everyday kitchen implements to be added to an outdoor sculpture; writing your own personal hopes and dreams on ribbons to be added to “gateways to dreams” for the Closing Ceremony; and creating your their pictures.

For ages 3 to 93.  No experience necessary!

DATES: Saturday, October 5 

Monday – Friday, October 7-11

Saturday, October 12

TIMES: 10a – 12p | 2p – 5p

VENUE: Bethlehem Public Library | 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem, PA

PRICE: Free (donations accepted)

(Original air-date: 9/12/2019)