Nehali Gupta and Liberty High School Spotlight | Teen Scientist

Apr 11, 2019

WDIY's new quarterly feature Teen Scientist hosted by Rhea Malhotra returns with her second guest, Parkland High School Senior Nehali Gupta. Plus, John Pearce spotlights Liberty High School students.

First up on the show, Teen Scientist hosted by Moravian Academy junior Rhea Malhotra returns for its second edition. Rhea's guest is Nehali Gupta, a senior at Parkland High School. Nehali discusses her research into creating alternative forms of testing for the early detection of diabetes. They also discuss the existing state of healthcare and diagnostics through diabetes as it pertains to Nehali's study.

For the second half of the show, host Joh Pearce puts the spotlight on Liberty High School. Social Studies teacher Adam Reitz is joined by students Sam Rice and Emily Visperas to talk about the club, "Caner Crushers / Relay for Life." Then student Alanna Bezas discusses the "Humans of Liberty" and "Photography Club."


(Original air-date: 4/4/2019)