Galactic Travels™: The Special Focus for March, 2021.

Feb 26, 2021

Broekhuis, Keller, and Schönwälder consists of Dutch drummer/percussionist and sound technician Bas Broekhuis, German keyboard player and sequencing specialist Detlef Keller, and German sound designer Mario Schönwälder. Since September 1994, these three can be found on stage on a regular basis having performed in France, the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and the US. They have an extensive discography.

These three friends always have a lot of fun with their musical adventures. Broekhuis and Keller have a technical background, developing, altering, and repairing instruments and other electronic devices. They do the bulk of the programming in the band. Schönwälder is the organizational mind, taking care of album releases, concert planning, and the oh so beloved bookkeeping.

The Special Focus.
Credit Bill Fox / WDS Productions
BK&S, the Special Focus for March, 2021.