Galactic Travels: The Special Focus for February, 2017.

Jan 27, 2017

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On Galactic Travels, the Special Focus for February is Arcane.

Arcane is Paul Lawler of Manchester, England. He began his musical career as a session brass player working with the Halle Orchestra and BBC Radio amongst many others. After years of composing music in his own time, he decided to make the transition into media composition on a full time basis. Equally adept with both cutting edge technology and classical performance, his music has a very unique and contemporary style and has been heard world-wide on many of the major UK and US networks and beyond.  Arcane is also a veteran of many of the Ricochet Gatherings.  His electronic music has ties to Berlin School but pushes far beyond.

The Special Focus for February, 2017.
Credit Bill Fox / WDS Productions

Arcane, the Special Focus for February, 2017.