Galactic Travels Podcast #4 - Interview with RMI

Aug 25, 2012

Galactic Travels Podcast #4 is "The Lost Interview."  It took quite a while before it finally aired on Galactic Travels because it was so old when I finally found the minidisc that contained it and transferred it to my computer's hard drive.  But it certainly needed to see the light of day.

This interview is with Radio Massacre InternationalRMI played a concert at The Gatherings Concert Series on May 8, 2004.  I first spoke to Steve Dinsdale after the show.  Part way through the interview, Gary Houghton joined the fun.  Duncan Goddard was occupied with packing the gear!

To make it up to the boys for not airing this interview in a timely manner, it is presented here in podcast form and also aired on program #423, April 28, 2005, when I did a month-long Special Focus on RMI.

This podcast is Copyright 2005 Bill Fox. All Rights Reserved.