Galactic Travels Podcast #2 - Interview with vidnaObmana

Aug 24, 2012

This is the first in a series of Galactic Travels podcasts that shines a light on the show's rich history.  Eventually, new podcasts will be added to allow listeners to relive special moments on Galactic Travels or to hear these moments for the first time.

On the WDIY website, before the makeover, there was a portion for Galactic Travels which included podcasts.  The first podcast was a proof-of-concept and an introduction to the show.  I don't feel the need to resurrect it here.  That's why this series of Galactic Travels podcasts begins with number two.

On show #314, broadcast on Thursday, March 3, 2003, I interviewed vidnaObmana who called in from his home in Belgium.  He was preparing to play locally at the Soundscapes Concert Series, the concert companion to Galactic Travels.  This podcast is that interview.

This podcast is Copyright 2005 Bill Fox. All Rights Reserved.