Charles Kiernan: The Great White Cat

Feb 15, 2018

I have decided today to give you a little Christmas treat. It is, of course, a story. It’s a story I love to tell at this time of year.

My version of the story is called The Great White Cat. I believe it’s Nordic in origin, but like so many other tales…it’s traveled wide and far.

I’m also fascinated by this story because of its reference to a very ancient tradition. The ancients felt that the year was a circle. And if the year is a circle it out to have 360 days—such as the circle has 360 degrees. Well we all know that’s not quite true, and they knew that too.

So they had to do something with those extra five days. For the Romans that was a period called Saturnalia; when they would just party away. That became a time of the thinning of the veil between the Worlds—a period between Christmas and New Year’s. And that’s exactly what Charles Dickens was referring to in the Christmas Carol when he had the spirits come visit Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve.

Well, here is my version of The Great White Cat.

And that is my version of The Great White Cat.

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That’s all for today, have fun, and keep a story in your heart.

(Original air date: December 2016)