Allentown Art Museum's New Exhibition 'Carrie Mae Weems: Strategies of Engagement' on LV Arts Salon

Jan 10, 2019

Host Scott Sherk previews Allentown Art Museum's latest exhibition with guests David Mickenberg, Priscilla Payne Hurd President & CEO, as well as Elaine Mehalakes, Vice President of Allentown Art Museum's Curatorial Affairs.

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 'Carrie Mae Weems: Strategies of Engagement' explores the eminent American artist’s diverse 30-year career. The exhibition features Weems' critical explorations of history, a focus that is powerfully relevant in the context of current activism around racial equality and social justice. Visitors will experience immersive installations of suspended images on fabric as well video and photographs that expose systems of power and injustice. 

More information on the exhibition is available at the museum's website.

(Original air-date: 1/7/2019)