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Prison Project Podcast

Welcome to The Prison Project Podcast — a podcast hosted by Alexis Raskin about criminal and social justice issues, from prison reform to ethics, and everything in between.

In the United States, we incarcerate more people than any other country in the world, yet most people have little to no understanding of what goes on in our local prisons. After volunteering at Northampton County Prison for two years as a GED tutor, WDIY's Alexis Raskin wanted to give listeners an understanding of the vast injustices of mass incarceration through the lense of different guest speakers.

The Prison Project Podcast explores the impacts of incarceration on marginalized communities, the ethics of the death penalty, mental health and receovery court, legal trends in bioethics, solitary confinement, drug addiction, and much more. The goal of this podcast is that, through voicing these stories, listeners will consider the impact of these issues on the human lives behind bars in their own community.

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