Neil Hever

Operations Director

Neil began his radio career as a student disc jockey at Muhlenberg college radio station WMUH in 1978. After earning a B.A. degree from the college, he spent the next 13 years in commercial radio and sound production at WSAN, Creative Sound studios and later at WAEB.

In 1981, while attending Muhlenberg College, he and another community member joined together to form the first organized group of community radio volunteers in the Lehigh Valley. The group began incorporation meetings in 1984 and spent the next decade building support for a new community based station.

WDIY 88.1 FM began broadcasting in 1995. Neil joined the staff in August of 1997 as Program Director and was promoted to Operations Director in February 2008. His duties include training volunteers, maintaining the broadcast facility and schedule, organizing the production studio and music library maintenance.

Ways to Connect

Host Kenn Michael speaks with Anthony Viscardi, artist and professor of architecture at Lehigh University, on  his exhibition in the Main Gallery of the Zoellner Arts Center.

Crease, Fold, and Bend

Oct 1, 2013

Host Kenn Michael speaks with Ethan Berkove, Professor of Mathematics at Lafayette College, on origami and the latest exhibition at Williams Center Gallery "Crease, Fold & Bend," featuring contemporary paper structures where science and math meet art between the folds.

Poet Ann E. Michael

Sep 27, 2013

Host Kenn Michael speaks with WDIY contributor and poet Ann E. Michael.  As fall approaches, Ann Michael discusses her poetry on the dog days of summer.

Host Kenn Michael speaks with Lafayette College's Director of the Williams Center for the Arts Ellis Finger.  about the music of Sound Prints, a group comprised of saxophonist Joe Lovano and trumpet player Dave Douglas.  The performance was on September 25, 2013.

Appliance Recycling

Sep 27, 2013

Bruce: With me today is Maureen Fennerty, a custom programs specialist with PPL electric utilities.

Maureen: Thanks for having me, Bruce.

Bruce: Maureen, I noticed something in the news this summer about PPL Electric
Utilities and appliance recycling. As the person who helps manage this program for the utility, can you fill us in on how it works and how our listeners can get involved?