Eleanor Bobrow

Program Host

Eleanor Bobrow, LCSW of Pennsylvania, has been host of Take Charge of Your Life on WDIY since the inception of the station in January 1995. 

Take Charge of Your Life was inspired by her late husband, Rabbi Jerald Bobrow.  During her insomniac years while living in Easton, Pennsylvania (where she still resides), Ellie remarked to her husband, “I wish they had an all night radio talk show for insomniacs like me like they do in New York City.”  Her husband Jerry replied, “That’s a great idea!  Why don’t you do it!?”  She replied, “Why me?”  To which he replied, “Why not you? It’s always been your dream to have a radio talk show.  Why not you?”  Ellie heard the enthusiasm and confidence that her husband had in her, but she put the idea on hold without taking any action.  A year later, Jerry died.  Elly realized that life was precious and it was important to make every moment count. 

Take Charge of Your Life has a clear philosophy, “Many events happen to us in life over which we have no control – our only control is our response to life’s situations.” Each program focuses on one topic, and often features community resources that are available to assist in these situations.