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Despite Agricultural Worker Shortage, New Pennsylvania Farmers Find Land Hard to Come By

Joshua Michaels

As more farmers in Pennsylvania near retirement, the state is bracing for a shortage of agricultural workers. But for people who want to start their own farms, there’s no guarantee they’ll find land. WESA’s An-Li Herring reports that’s a big barrier.

Read the full story at: https://www.wesa.fm/economy-business/2021-11-22/want-to-start-a-farm-good-luck-finding-land

(Original air-date: 12/27/21)

An-Li Herring is a reporter for 90.5 WESA, with a focus on economic policy, local government, and the courts. She previously interned for NPR Legal Affairs Correspondent Nina Totenberg in Washington, DC, and the investigations team at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. A Pittsburgh native, An-Li completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan and earned her law degree from Stanford University.