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Galactic Travels™ Top 20 Report for May, 2018.

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WDIY 88.1 FM Galactic Travels™ Top 20 for May, 2018.
Shows #1100 to #1104; 3-May-2018 to 31-May-2018
Reported in non-ranked, alphanumeric order.
Compiled by Bill FoxThis report is also available at the Galactic Travels™ website.
The Special Focus for May was Craig Padilla and his collaborations with Skip Murphy and Zero Ohms

['ramp] - No Sleep 'Till Wilmersdorf - doombient
AeTopus - Totem Totum - 12 Ton
Brother Tribe - Anasazi Rising - Space for Music
Cosmic Ground - Cosmic Ground IV - none
Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy - Analog Destination - Groove
Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy - Phantasma - Groove Unlimited
Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy - Planetary Elements - Space for Music
Craig Padilla and Zero Ohms - Path of Least Resistance - Lotuspike
Craig Padilla, Zero Ohms, and Skip Murphy - Beyond the Portal - Lotuspike
Erik Wøllo - Threshold Point - Projekt
Jim Ottaway - Yesterday Passing - none
Kloob - Remarkable Events - Winter- Light
Max Corbacho - Nocturnes II - Silentsun
Robert Rich and Markus Reuter - Lift a Feather to the Flood - Soundscape Productions
Seetyca - Winterlicht - Winter-Light
Sensitive Chaos - Walking a Beautiful World - Subsequent
Steve Roach - Molecules of Motion - Projekt
Surreal Estate - Eye of the Beholder - none
Sverre Knut Johnasen with David Helpling - The Vast Expanse - Spotted
TaboTago - Kymatica - Iapetus

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