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Galactic Travels™ Top 20 Report for March, 2023

Bill Fox
WDS Productions

WDIY 88.1 FM Galactic Travels™ Top 20 for March, 2023.

Shows #1348 to #1352; 2-March-2023 to 30-March-2023. Reported in non-ranked, alphanumeric order.
Compiled by Bill Fox.

The Special Focus for February was Deborah Martin.

Ajna - The Enigma of Sirius - Winter- Light
Ambiente Solstice - Comet's Dust - Wayfarer
Deborah Martin - Deep Roots, Hidden Water - Spotted Peccary Music
Deborah Martin - Eye of the Wizard - Spotted Peccary Music
Deborah Martin - Under the Moon - Spotted Peccary Music
Deborah Martin and Cheryl Gallagher - Tibet - Spotted Peccary Music
Deborah Martin, G. Klamt, and M. Rownd - Convergence - Spotted Peccary
Erik Wøllo - The Shape of Time - Projekt
Fusion of Elements - Journey to the Outness Beyond - SynGate
La Mansarde Hermétique - The Attick Diaries Episode 1 - none
Leon Alvarado - Charging the Electric Dream - MRR
Michael Brückner - One Hundred Million Miles Under the Stars:
Revisited - SynGate
Pete Farn - Grainscapes Vol.1 - SynGate
Rapoon - Ten Four: Centered Horizons - Winter-Light
Robert Schroeder - Floating Music Edition 2023 - Spheric Music
Roger Universe - Earth Express - Spheric Music
Rose Bolton - The Lost Clock - Cassuana Tape Company
Sesensitized - Chaos in Premonition - Spotted Peccary Music
Surface 10 - A Stray Ending - DiN
Volker Lankow - Monotonous Landscapes - Iapetus Music

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Galactic Travels™ is rebroadcast on WGRN-FM, "the Green Renaissance" in Columbus, Ohio, and on Modul303 internet radio from Germany.

Bill Fox has hosted Galactic Travels on WDIY continuously since January 23, 1997.
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