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Nellie McKay And The Spirit Of Doris Day

Nellie McKay has made a name for herself as a jazzy-pop singer-songwriter who combines smart lyrics with unusual musical juxtapositions to create a fresh, genre-defying sound. Now on her fourth album, she's still surprising fans — this time with a Doris Day tribute album, Normal As Blueberry Pie. It's charming without being cutesy, and McKay's smoky, smooth, old-fashioned voice is perfect fit for Day's classics.

"I listened to [Doris] a lot when I was growing up," says McKay. "She was just the voice of hope. She took me away from the crassness, it was wonderful escapism."

So many know Doris Day as little more than Rock Hudson's sweetheart, the Hollywood starlet. McKay hopes to inspire her fans to discover Day's musical talents.

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