Lehigh Valley Discourse

Host Sally Handlon - It has been a year and a half (July 2012) since Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation has been led by Don Cunningham. There have been many changes - board and committees, staff, organizational focus and stakeholder accountability (communities, investors). Sally gets a chance to talk with Don Cunningham and Tom Garrity about what has been happening and where it is headed. 

Host Alan Jennings speaks with PA Rep. Ryan Mackenzie and Mike Schlossberg about finishing their rookie years as legislators. These two talented, smart, hard-working twenty-somethings are rare among partisans these days: they get along, they work together, and they want to get something accomplished.  The conversation includes such topics as a reflection on their first year in office, their assessment of Pennsylvania politics and their peers in the legislature, some prognostication on the session ahead, including the 2014 elections, and much more. (Original air-date January 9, 2014).

Social Work in the Dominican Republic on Discourse

Jan 3, 2014

We're off to the Caribbean Sea this week, with host John Pearce.  His guest, Caitlin Stilin Rooney, is doing very interesting social work there including small business development with vulnerable groups in the Dominican Republic. (Original air date January 2, 2014.)

Paying Homage To Those We Lost In The Last Year

Jan 3, 2014

Host John Pearce pays homage to notables who died during this year, from local philanthropist Inez Donley, singers Patti Page and Patty Andrews of the Andrews Sisters, Abigail "Dear Abby" Van Buren, baseballers Stan Musial and Earl Weaver, all in January, to Nelson Mandela and actors Peter O'Toole and Joan Fontaine in December.  (Original air date December 23, 2013.)

City Center Lehigh Valley on Discourse

Dec 21, 2013

City Center Lehigh Valley has been on the “top of mind” for Lehigh Valley community leaders for at least the past two years.  Although there have been several articles in regional papers about City Center LV and presentations by Mr. Reilly at civic gatherings, tonight, we are fortunate to have City Center Lehigh Valley representative,  Jim Harbaugh, EVP, COO, in the studio to share their review of what has occurred in 2013 and some anticipated events and dates for the coming new year.  (Original air date December 19, 2013.)

From wide-eyed children to a homeless child, this is the season for and about children.  The real test of our humanity is how we as a society treat the little innocents. On Lehigh Valley Discourse this week, host Alan Jennings welcomes Jane Ervin, CEO of Community Services for Children, and Marci Ronald, Vice President for Community Impact at the United Way.  Listen in on the discussion of how well the Lehigh Valley fares in its treatment of our children, not just during the holidays but year-round.  (Original air date December 12, 2013.)

Poetry Out Loud on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Dec 9, 2013

Poetry Out Loud is our topic this evening’s program.  Host John Pearce welcomes local poet Marilyn Hazelton and Kathy Odorizzi from the Allentown Art Museum.  What is the poetry contest to be held at the museum?  Why poetry in an art museum anyway?  Join us to learn about this adventure.

After turkey and football, it’s time to talk politics! Hosts John Pearce and Ray Schwab welcome Dr. Jack Treadway, Professor Emeritus, Kutztown University to the program to talk about trends in local and state politics, and analyzes the climate of both. Join us Thanksgiving evening to learn more.  (Original air date November 28, 2013.)

Hosted by Pamela Varkony, the program begins with Pennsylvania's Lt. Gov. Jim Crawley. He calls into the program to discuss the changes associated with the transportation bill. Here is a map of highways and bridges that will see improvements, as referenced in the program. Lt. Gov. Crawley discusses other issues facing our state.

Local Election Results on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Nov 15, 2013

Some very interesting local elections this year will lead to major changes in how we are governed. And, yet, too few of these races are determined by anything even close to a majority of voters. Consequently, only a handful of them will determine who will guide us for the next several years. Host Alan Jennings will be joined by Jim Flagg, editor of The Express-Times, and Bernie O'Hare, whose blog, "Lehigh Valley Ramblings," is the most-watched in the region. They will discuss who won, who lost, who really won, who really lost and how our lives will be affected over the next few years.