Take Charge of Your Life

Mondays, 6:30-7:00pm

Each week, marriage and family therapist Eleanor Bobrow invites you to take charge of your life with guests discussing a variety of topics including health, relationships, wellness, and more. The theme of this program is that so many events in life happen to us over which we have no control. Our only control is our response to life’s situations. It is said that 90% of life’s events happen to us and 10% is what we make happen.

Author John Paul Marosy on Take Charge of Your Life

Mar 15, 2013

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with John Paul Marosy, Executive Director of Everyday Life, and the author of Elder-Care, A Six-Step Guide to Balancing Work and Family. He gives us information about the resources we have available to us within the community should we find ourselves taking care of a loving parent or grandparent.

Perception of Women on Take Charge of Your Life

Mar 5, 2013

In this week’s program host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Stacey Zaremba, Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies at Moravian College, and Randi Blauth, President of the Bethlehem branch of the American Association of University Women. The three discuss the perception of women in today’s media. (Original air date March 4, 2013).

Snoring the Focus on Take Charge of Your Life

Feb 26, 2013

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Larry Twersky, CEO of 1-800-SNORING.  He shares the hidden dangers of snoring plus how you can identify if you have a problem and what actions you can take to help. (Original air date February 25. 2013.)

Caregivers the Focus on Take Charge of Your Life

Feb 22, 2013

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with talks with Dr. Richard Boulay, Director of GYN Oncology at Lehigh Valley Health Network, along with his wife, Julie Bolton, a leukemia survivor, about the role and challenges of the caregiver when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer. (Original air date January 7, 2013.)

Poet Lisa DeVuono on Take Charge of Your Life

Feb 19, 2013

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with poet and workshop facilitator Lisa DeVuono.  She believes in writing toward wellness; the idea that writing can give us the creative power we need to find solutions to our problems. (Original air date February 18, 2013.)

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Diane LaBelle, Executive Director of the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts, and Cameron Hawk, an instrumental music major and violinist who shares how participation in the arts has enabled him to thrive academically.

Author Will Bowen on Take Charge of Your Life

Feb 12, 2013

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Reverend Will Bowen, author of "A Complaint Free World - How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted. (Original air date, February 11, 2013.)

Author Karen Jett on Take Charge of Your Life

Feb 7, 2013

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Karen L. Jett, CMA autor of the  book “Grow Your People, Grow Your Business."  The two discuss  shiny baubles and the importance of focusing to get the right stuff done. And Ms. Jett shared a four step method for entrepreneurs and small businesses to identify what is important. She also talked about her Strategic Plan-ting™ Workshop and used her book as an example of what one can accomplished by having a plan.

(Original air date February 4, 2013.)

Host Eleanor Bobrow speaks with Michael Clancy, Reverse Mortgage Specialist and Branch Manager of Gateway Funding to help us explore the positive and negative effects of a reverse mortgage, and to understand the upcoming Federal government changes to the existing procedure. (Original air date, January 21, 2013.)

Author Julia Schopick on Take Charge of Your Life

Jan 15, 2013

Host Eleanor Bobrow interviews Julia Schopick, author of Honest Medicine; a book she wrote to help readers understand the need to investigate all treatment options for illness, so that we can better understand some remarkable, yet often overlooked, therapies that can improve our lives.